The Economic Times CDO Summit 2017
CDOs have created a rapidly changing business environment and digital is disrupting value chains and compelling companies to rethink nearly everything they do. Organizational agility is a critical success factor to win in the digital era and leading the digital change requires organizations to have a vision of how to transform their business for a digital world...... read more
Does the business really need a digital strategy? Or does it need a business strategy for the digital age? What is the real challenge for Digital Transformation, is it people, management or technology? This digital transformation began in late 1990s and then again a major paradigm shift in mid 2000s with the introduction of some of the most intriguing technological innovationss. Today, going digital is on the priority list of all businesses and it is an imperative. However the digital journey is not an easy affair and needs immense planning coupled with the right strategy to ensure that the journey is a smooth one. This has created a new age of leaders – “The CDOs” who map the digital journey of the business and ensure digital success. This league of leaders has to be innovative and increase operational efficiencies, enhance the customer experience and brand value, as well as ensure ROI is delivered and costs are kept closely under watch.

The CDOs face numerous challenges and it is important for them to share the best practices and strategies. They have to create organizational buy in to ensure that the leadership of the business understands the importance of the digital transformation as well as ensure that the digital strategy is well aligned with and complements the business strategy.